gz-play, replay simulations (project proposal)

Hi, I wanted to propose a project which would be very useful for researchers, and people doing work with simulations.
I plan to start building this project soon, but the jist of it is is:

  1. Utilizing gz-web and the MCAP data format to make a simple web service which simply plays the recorded MCAP file in the browser, allowing the user to simply view the simulation, and optionally plot the rosbags from a desired topic.
  2. There should be no need to actually simulate the physics, since we are simply replaying the data.
  3. Allows for a very quick way to demonstrate projects and for collaboration.

There are some engineering challenges to work out for this, mostly storage related.

Does something like this already exist?

Won’t the result of this be very similar to Foxglove? Or is there an important nuance that I’m missing?

the project i propose is primary intended for simulation based research and prototyping, i often find that i need to showcase my simulations but the best i can do right now is record a video.

I don’t see how i can do this with foxglove.

I think I understand now. You want a combination of a (generative) simulator and a playback, meaning that even while playing back the recording (mcap/rosbag), you still want to use the simulator for generating and rendering the 3d scene and/or anything else that might be of interest but wasn’t recorded. Did I get that right?

yes, that is exactly what i want/ want to build!

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Nvm , gazebo playback already exists :man_facepalming: