NEW: ROS 2 support for recording data directly to MCAP files

ROS 2 users can now incorporate MCAP into their workflows more easily than ever!

For Day 3 of Foxglove Launch Week, we’re thrilled to announce a new storage plugin for recording ROS 2 robotics data directly to MCAP files: rosbag2_storage_mcap.

With MCAP, you can use append-only writing to safeguard data, read data at lightning-fast speeds, and store disparate data more efficiently.

To learn more about the history and benefits of MCAP, Foxglove engineer John Hurliman will be giving a talk on “MCAP: A Next-Generation File Format for ROS Recording” at this year’s ROSCon! Be sure to check his presentation out on October 21 – and come by our booth to say hello!

To ask questions or share feedback on our MCAP roadmap, you can join our Slack community or simply reply here. You can also check out the MCAP GitHub repo to contribute to our open source project or read our docs.


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