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How do you annotate BAGs for machine learning?

Hello everybody,

I am currently working on my diploma thesis where my goal is to create a web based tool for replaying and annotating BAG files. Essentially something similar to Webviz but with annotation support and colaboration. To make the application usable in real world, I need to collect information from people that actually annotate data from ROS BAGs, to help my decision making in develepment of this tool.

So my questions to you are:
How do you currently annotate data from ROS BAGs? What software do you use?
What kind of data do you annotate and what type of annotation do you use?
What in what format do you export annotations?
What key features would the tool need to have for it to be useful to you?

Also if you have any suggestions regarding this tool, feel free to share them. I would love to hear them!

Any information is welcome.

Thank you

You mention your tool is specifically to annotate bag files. I’m not sure how popular that actually is/how it works, but what I’ve seen is you normally export a bag file of a camera stream (rgb image) into jpg/png and then label the images using normal ML labelling software eg. labelme, labelbox, superannotate to then train a ML model.

I am not an expert, but specifically for the image processing pipeline, this is exactly my experience as well.