How to enable ROS to pass the safety certification of the automotive industry?

Hi I am an autonomous driving software engineer and I am developing with ROS ROS is a very good software framework, which allows me to quickly develop complex programs such as autonomous location and environmental awareness,many thanks to the contributors! However, when I want to apply ROS to the production of autonomous vehicles, I need to make the software pass the safety certification of the automotive industry, such as ASIL or ISO26262 related standards. I would like to know if there are any recommendations to make ROS more secure or have the ability to pass security certification?

Hi @ln879044,

have you heard about Apex.OS?

Apex.OS Cert is certified according to the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 as a Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) up to ASIL D.

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This seems to be a duplicate/cross-post of How to enable ROS to pass the safety certification of the automotive industry? on ROS Answers.

Based on the post by @Lander, the answer would seem to be “you don’t use ROS 2 proper, it cannot be used for the use-case(s) you describe”.

The work-around would seem to be to switch to a proprietary version created and maintained by Apex.AI. Vanilla ROS 2 is not safety-certified, and will most likely never be (not without significant work and contributions).

Having said that, it is possible to use ROS 2 (and ROS 1) in systems that require safety certification. It would require keeping ROS (1 or 2) out of any of the safety critical paths in your (control) systems (and making other systems/software responsible for safety). Whether that would be acceptable for certain applications remains a per-application/context decision.

Edit: this is not necessarily a good thing btw. I’m saddened by the fact (a) proprietary version(s) of ROS 2 exist(s).


I just want to highlight that Apex.OS is a fork of ROS 2 as mentioned on the web page:

Apex.OS is a fork of ROS 2 that has been made real-time, reliable, and deterministic so that it can be used in safety-critical applications.


Apex.OS is developed in sync with future releases of ROS 2 and APIs stay compatible to ROS 2.

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