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I was wondering if anyone knew what the AI control and modeling system is being used by ETH Zurich in their quadruped demo? I tried searching the ETH Zurich site but there was too much content there to narrow it down and Dr. Hutter has published a tonne of papers so narrowing this down to what papers are associated with this particular demo and simulation environment was a challenge for me at least.

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Maybe one of the authors is lurking on this forum and can give you a reply. If that doesn’t happen, don’t hesitate to write them an email directly. Researchers are always happy to point you to papers or software that they wrote.

Some papers are mentioned in the video (for example, at timestamp 13:47). You can either contact the first author (usually a grad student) or Marco Hutter. Professors generally receive a larger volume of emails, so a grad student might respond quicker, but there’s nothing wrong with asking Marco Hutter directly.

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ETH Zurich is training ANYmal in Isaac GYM, which provides a GPU accelerated simulation environment for reinforcement learning.

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brilliant advice, thank you!

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ah, thank you so much @ggrigor

Is this what you are looking for?

There are links in the description to the paper and website!


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