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Quadruped Robot Controller

Hi Guys,

Just sharing my most recent project CHAMP, an open source development framework for building new quadrupedal robots. I’m currently working on the hardware documentation but the software stack is already up.

There’s a setup assistant that allows users to configure newly built robots by using URDF or manually feeding the translation between joints.

If you’re interested to check out the features, there are demos available without the need of a physical robot:

Here’s the robot walking:

Autonomous Walk:

Feel free to comment, or ping me if you have any questions.

Thank you!

(Disclaimer: CHAMP does not own any of the robots in the first photo nor is it related to the individuals/companies/institutions that developed the robots. These are purely based on publicly released URDF files that have been configured to work with the CHAMP controller.)


Cool project. I would like to share this project via our Facebook channel, if you don’t mind.

Please visit our Facebook channel, and tell me !

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Thank you! Sure, please share.

The first prototypes were in Dynamixels:

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