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Intelligent stereo camera joins Autoware

Hi Folks,

ITD Lab is pleased to join the Technical Steering Committee of the Autoware Foundation. We have much to contribute to the AWF through ITD Lab’s Intelligent Stereo Camera. We, as a Premium Autoware Foundation member, are excited to share technical strategies and find opportunities for collaboration with other AWF members, and to prove that our Intelligent Stereo Camera is an indispensable device for autonomous driving system.
ITD Lab provides stereo cameras detecting the outline of an object with high resolution and automatically calculating the distance to the object at high speed of 60FPS. In addition, all the calculations are performed with a single FPGA chip embedded in each stereo camera. In Level 4 or 5 autonomous driving, the system, not a driver, is substantially or fully responsible for avoiding collision and is required to have inexcusably highly accurate collision avoidance performance. This means that it is extremely difficult to achieve autonomous driving at these levels only with “LiDAR sensors having slow response speed with relatively high cost” and “on-vehicle monocular camera systems not capable of calculating the accurate distance to an object”. However, as described above, ITD Lab’s intelligent stereo camera performs the high-speed processing at 60 frames per second to determine the outline of an object and the distance information very accurately, which enables the stereo camera to play a role of “another pair of eye” for autonomous driving and to truly build up autonomous driving system (at Level 4 or Level 5) by combining with Deep Learning AI.
The ROS2 driver software for ITD Lab’s Intelligent Stereo Camera would be available soon. The basic scheme of the driver software currently under development and the point cloud data obtained via this driver software are shown below. We look forward to having a lot of feedback from AWF members.
Please feel free to learn more about ITD Lab’s intelligent stereo camera.
Sample image - sample_image
Video - ISC camera - PCL
Technology - ISC Technology
Diagram for ROS -

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you.
katsu from ITD Lab

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@katsu is your team able or willing to participate in the AVP April 2020 hackathon: Autoware.Auto Autonomous Valet Parking hackathon and demonstration - April, 2020?

Hello @Dejan_Pangercic
Thank you for your reply.
We are very interested in participating in the AVP hackathon.
since we are a very beginner at AWF activity, we do not know the specific way to participate in the hackathon.
If you are interested in our ISC camera, we would like to collaborate with you.
Do you have any advice or suggestions?

Thank you.