Interoperability Interest Group December 7th, 2023: Advantages of Rust for software system integration

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By now you’ve certainly been exposed to some of the hype behind the Rust programming language. For the last eight years Rust has ranked #1 in the “Most admired language” category of Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey. Perhaps no other language in the history of software programming has commanded a following so dedicated to pestering their colleagues, friends, and random passers-by to switch to it for every conceivable use case.

At the next session of the Interoperability Special Interest Group, Grey will discuss the relevance of Rust to software system integration in particular. The challenge of tying together complex software systems carries significant liabilities. Failures to connect systems together correctly or to scale well can lead to cascading failures in your operations. The Rust language and its surrounding open source ecosystem offer some unique advantages when it comes to both software correctness and scaling.

This will not be a session that teaches how to program in Rust. The focus will be to provide attendees with enough conceptual information to consider whether Rust is a good candidate for their business needs, with an emphasis on software system integration use cases. We will conclude with an open Q&A, so feel free to bring along any burning questions or concerns you might have.

@grey This is a very interesting topic to me.
I recently had some experience trying ros2_rust and r2r, which are pretty different approaches to integrate Rust into ROS. Would it be possible to discuss a bit these two options, mainly thinking on community adoption, support and future proofing.


I think a more in depth conversation about ROS community adoption of Rust would better fit the ROS2-Rust Working Group meetings. The next one will be on 11 December.

As someone involved in both groups I’d be perfectly happy to use this Interoperability group session to hear from system integrators about the particular barriers to adoption that they’re experiencing or concerned about, but I don’t think the topic of ROS2-Rust specifically should dominate this session too much. We can see how the conversation evolves organically though.

Apologies, the title of this post originally said December 11, but that was a typo, it should’ve said December 7 (which is today). The calendar link inside the post was correct.

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Was this talk recorded by any chance? Thanks!

Thanks for asking, yes!

Meeting notes, including links to the recording and all the slides, can be found here.

I tossed the video up on the official Vimeo account for you.

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