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Rust working group meeting 2021/10/13

Reminder that the Rust working group meeting will take place today 2021-10-13T14:00:00Z

A summary for those who couldn’t attend:

  • ros2_rust will drop its message generation pipeline in favor of r2r’s
  • r2r will test the colcon-cargo integration
  • ros2_rust and r2r will combine efforts by first working on a core API that will resemble ROS2’s more, and r2r will build its API on top of that. The goal of this is so that ROS2 developers can start developing programs in Rust with a familiar API, whereas more experienced Rust developers can use a more idiomatic API to access ROS2
  • the core API of ros2_rust will aim to be no_std so that it can target embedded platforms

@jhdcs anything I forgot?


No, that sounds about right! Only question I have is, do we create a new project for the new ros2_rust_core? Or make it a crate within the existing ros2_rust?

No matter what, I think we should create a bunch of issues that maps out how we’re going to create the core.

I think ros2_rust is fine, since the current API is more or less what the core crate will look like and upon which r2r will eventually be built. We can start a separate branch that will be merged onto the current main branch of ros2_rust

Ok. I’ve been working on a crate within ros2_rust called rclrs_core that’s basically attempting to replicate rclrs within no_std. Let me set up a PR for the error stuff I’ve been working on…