Introducing the OpenManipulator

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Anyone who has studied robotics and does not know about PUMA 560?
The D-H parameter of the PUMA 560 with a total of six joints was one of the common problems in robotics exam. (Even now…?)

But how many people have coded it and actually operated the manipulator?
Actually, I did not.

So, I made manipulator for them who want to code and operate easily.
OpenManipulator is compatible Dynamixel X series. It can be assembled as a 3d printing part which is uploaded in OnShape. So you can just buy Dynamixel that outputs the torque you want and print link that modify the length you want.

Furthermore, it is ROS-Enabled and compatible with Arduino. You can operate it using MoveIt! as well.
If you have not platform on your desk, then load it your monitor using Gazebo and Processing!!

Do you want to make your own manipulator on your desk?
Just Use Dynamixel and Printing Some Parts.

If you would like to get more about OpenManipulator, please come our presentation and ROBOTIS booth in ROSCON 2017.

Time : 17:40, September 21nd, ROSCON 2017
Presenter(s) : Darby Taehoon Lim, Yoonseok Pyo, and Leon Ryuwoon Jung (ROBOTIS)
Title : Introducing OpenManipulator; the full open robot platform

Abstract :
This announcement will talk about an OpenManipulator, one of TurtleBot3 Friends. The previous TurtleBot series was able to perform the manipulation function through ‘TurtleBot Arm’. In TurtleBot3, the function will be ‘OpenManipulator’. ROS-enabled OpenManipulator is a full open robot platform consisting of OpenSoftware, OpenHardware and OpenCR(Embedded board). It is expected that ROS users will be able to upgrade TurtleBot3 with ease. Our goal is to support most of the functionality we need as a service, academic, research and educational robot platform through TurtleBot 3 and OpenManipulator.

Github :
OnShape :


I was so looking forward to this anouncement. We have bought a set of x servos and I have been printing parts. We will evaluate this as an alternative to the MX based Crust Crawler kits we are using for teaching robot kinematics, dynamics and control at Aalborg University.

Nice, do you have any targeted date when this will be available for purchase?

We have a plan to purchase OpenManipulator next year between spring and summer :slight_smile:

Are the stl files posted online for download to 3D print?

Sorry for the trouble by posting the question, but I located the procedure to download “Open Manipulator Chain” “.stl” 3D files from the site in the 25. 1. FAQ in It is necessary to create an Onshape account login and then simply right-click the desired part > export STL. I look forward to reviewing the files and assemblies.

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The STL files are STILL not available for download. :frowning:

Hello @routiful, will openmanipulator be available for purchase this year?

Initially, I tried to build an openmanipulator myself, but faced the following problems:

  • the “Gripper_Horn.stl” file available via Thingsverse is corrupted
  • it is very difficult to figure out how many of 3D printable parts I need to print. For example, the 3d printable part names used in the downloaded stl files do not match with the part names used in “Assembly manual” nor the part names used in the “Parts list” section in the e-manual. This makes the assembling step extremely slow since I need to go to the makerspace to print the parts every time I discover I’m missing some parts.

If you are you guys interested in improving the documentation to help hobbyists like me to build the openmanipulator, I’d love to provide some feedback.

Otherwise, it would be great if you make the openmanipulator available for purchase.

After spending more time, I found this spreadsheet. which was helpful because it has links to the websites where I can purchase the parts. However, I still think it is difficult to build an openmanipulator using the current documentation alone because the part names used in the spreadsheet was different from ones mentioned in the “Assembly manual” pdf file. I also noticed that the part list from the spreadsheet and the part list in e-manual are different. Which one is the correct list?

If you are interested in improving the documentation, it would be great if you can provide a single, up-to-date part-list that contains the links to the online stores. Also, it would be great if you can match the part names used in the part-list and “Assembly manual”, so hobbyist like me could easily follow the instructions.

Thank you for your inquiry about OpenManipulator.

  1. Sure, we are ready for sale it. You will purchase it on December.
  2. I will be modified name of parts in Thingiverse as soon as possible.
  3. The spreadsheet will be deleted, I have a plan to move it in e-manual.

Lastly, if you have any futher questions or contribution, please visit issue page in OpenManipulator repo.