🎷 Jazzy Package Maintainers: It is time to write your Jazzy Jives

Time to Write Your Jazzy Jives

Attention Package Maintainers:

As I am sure you are aware, the Jazzy Jalisco release is a week away. I was just reviewing the release notes for Jazzy and there are a lot of great new features to get excited about. Everyone should be proud of all we’ve accomplished in the past year!

After a few discussions with the ROS Boss @marcogg and the team we decided we wanted to repeat the “Humble Brags”, and “Iron Flexes” the community has created in previous years. Instead of just posting the release notes for the core ROS libraries, we also want to have the release post highlight all of the packages that make ROS such a wonderful community. This year we’re going to call these “Jazzy Jives” just to be cheeky and keep with the naming convention.

If you are a package maintainer and you plan to have your Iron package ready for release day, or soon thereafter, we would love it if you could put together a brief set of release notes about your package. Our end goal is for the Jazzy release post to showcase not just the core ROS features, but also the recent updates for the entire ROS community. We want to show the world why it is time to switch to ROS 2, and why Jazzy is our best ROS distro yet.

A good set of release notes should include:

  • A brief description of your package and what it does.
  • The new features, improvements, and bug-fixes in your package.
  • A list of the people who made your Iron release possibleime to write your Jazzy Jives
  • Action shots of your package doing its thing, or any other recent accomplishments you are proud of.
  • Once you have your post ready, just wait for the main Jazzy release announcement here on Discourse (hopefully it should happen before 2024-05-24T00:00:00Z).

Our hope is that the Jazzy release Discourse thread will read like an outline of all the new features and packages that are currently available in Jazzy. Last year this process helped us pick up a fair bit of media coverage for the project. Discourse is very markdown friendly so you should be able to re-use these release notes in your package’s readme file, documentation, and homepage.