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Jetson-stats wrapper

I would like to present the new version of jetson-stats wrapper made for ROS. jetson-stats is a simple package to monitoring and control all NVIDIA Jetson:

  • Nano
  • Xavier NX
  • AGX Xavier
  • TX1
  • TX2

My last update now make available to change NV Power Model, jetson_clocks, Fan and always read all jetson variables directly the python library.

This new version of ros_jetson_stats allow to manage directly from ROS, and read in a diagnostic message the status of the board.

All details to send a ros service message or run this jetson-stats wrapper are available on my link:

I hope is useful for the community, and for any issue or hint do not hesitate to write me :slight_smile:

Below an example on robot_monitor


It looks quite interesting and useful project!
Thank you for sharing the information.

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