Learn ROS 2 with a LIMO Robot - ROS Developers OpenClass #182

Hi ROS Community,

Join our next ROS Developers Open Class to learn about ROS2 concepts, including publishing and subscribing to topics while creating a basic wandering application. You will begin the class with a simulated version and conclude by connecting to a real LIMO robot!

This free class welcomes everyone and includes a practical ROS project with code and simulation. Alberto Ezquerro, a skilled robotics developer and head of robotics education at The Construct, will guide this live session.

What you’ll learn:

  • Develop a basic ROS2 application for your LIMO robot using a simulation
  • Connect to the real LIMO robot and implement your program on it

The robot we’ll use in this class:

Simulated & Real LIMO robot

How to join:

Save the link below to watch the live session on 2024-02-27T17:00:00Z2024-02-27T18:00:00Z: https://bit.ly/48pxzSh


The Construct