Learning humanoid with ROS + Bioloid

Hi All,

Thanks for creating this new discussion cateogry.
I am learning ROS and getting my hands dirty with a bioloid humanoid robot as a hobby.

I have created a PCB board that has 4 FSR sensors on each feet to calculate the ZMP to improve balance.
I am using RPI2 but will probably need to upgrade as more sensors will be added.

Various repo I am re-using for the humanoid:

I look forward to the various discussions regarding humanoid full stack and improvement to current packages dedicated to humanoid in order to prevent having to re-invent the wheel.



Some picture of the robot.

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I am also working on my humanoid. Could you guide me on how to control my dynamixels and walk my robot? Please help.

Dynamixels has a ros package really good.
Creating config files ( yaml ), you’re able to control as you control joints on gazebo.
And to install everything else needed: http://emanual.robotis.com/docs/en/software/dynamixel/dynamixel_workbench/

These ones are the steps to control the Dynamixel’s motors. However, for walking movement is necessary to study more.

Wow! Could you tell us more about FSR implementation please!