LIDAR of Turtleblot3 starts spinning once power on?

Just wondering is it normal that the LIDAR starts spinning when I switch on TB3???

In my understanding, the LIDAR should start spinning after we roslaunch turtlebot3_bringup turtlebot3_robot.launch…

Anyone face the same condition?

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Since October, 2017, the LIDAR which comes with the TurtleBot3 gets the firmware that makes automatically run from booting on. It is not a malfunction.

Look here:

and hopefully (as Tully always says):

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Thanks Leon for your reply and the reminder of ^^

hello, I am also having the same problem. have you solved this problem? if you solved please help me to get out of this…

Unfortunately, spinning the LDS with power up is an inherited feature of the sensor firmware itself since 2017.

Does turtlebot3 needs host computer?
can you help me to do without host computer if possible…

Generally if you are going to need a machine to ssh into the turtlebot and kick-off a launch file. I would suggest that if you have general turtlebot questions you ask Robotis directly or use