LIDAR scans of building interiors

I am just about to start on a project which requires logs of lidar scans of building interiors. Finding lidar scans of outdoor environments seems possible, but I have not managed to google-up anything for indoors. I’m still new to ROS and had hoped to find a database of user-submitted rosbags, but no such luck. If no scans can be found, I will generate rosbags from simulations, but having real-world data is of course preferable.
Any suggestions for where I can look for these types of logs?

It’s pretty old (10 years), but the MIT Stata data set is open source and indoors:

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That is great, thank you!

I’ve not used it myself, but some colleagues of mine published this Dataset: NAVER LABS - Story

It is meant for image-based 3D localisation/reconstruction/slam but they did record both images and LIDAR information.

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Also great. Thank you too!

I just stumbled on these today: home – ASL Datasets. Good stuff in there.

Bitbucket has a high-density and high-precision pointcloud of the interior of the unfinshed nuclear plant Satsop near Olympia, WA.

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There are more interior scans of the same kind in Bitbucket, but they’re not buildings (they’re mining tunnels).

I didn’t know about these, very useful, thanks @peci1 !

Thank you all for your responses. I forgot to monitor this thread but I appreciate all the extra suggestions :heart:.

I’ve used this excellent collection of log data. This collection has also been used in several papers for comparing SLAM algorithms: