Looking for rosbag2 files for our research

Hi all! We are currently working on a tool for statically extracting the architecture of ROS2 systems starting from rosbag2 files and other resources (like source code).

Can you share to us some rosbag2 files on which we can try our tool?
Consider it as a kind donation to science :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks in advance!


Hi :slight_smile:
how can I share my rosbag with you? :slight_smile:


Hi Jitka, thanks for helping us :slight_smile:
If you put it somewhere with a public URL (eg, dropbox, gdrive, any http server), then I will download it and will let you know when you can remove it from there.
If you do not want to share the link publicly, just drop it to i.malavolta@vu.nl

Thanks again!

Hi :slight_smile:
I tried to send you a rosbag2. Hopefully it helps :slight_smile: cheers Jitka

Got it, thanks a lot!
Do you have some info about the system, just to understand what it is about?


It is running a robotic platform (differential drive, similar to tb3, but DIY :smiley: ) driving in an indoor environment by joystick. There are running two localizations (based on AMCL) and my own custom localization based on uwb anchors and IMU. I was trying to use this custom localization instead of AMCL in the NAV2 stack. Is it enough?

And it is running on Ubuntu Focal ROS2 Rolling.

Hi Jitka, yes, that is enough, thanks a lot!


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Hi Jitla, I am coming back on this :slight_smile:
Do you have a repo where we can give a look at the source code of your robot?



Hi, unfortunately, I cannot share the code with you :frowning: Is it a problem? I may draw a picture of the architecture if that helps

No problems, I understand. Having a view of the architecture would be really nice (even just a computation graph, if that is quickier for you), thanks!