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Limiting Title Editing

Is there any way we can limit title editing even more than it already is? I know its a feature already limited to “Regulars” but its annoying as someone who primarily reads Discourse via Gmail to have one Discourse thread be broken up into multiple gmail conversations because someone changed the title.

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Oooof. I didn’t realize it did that. That is a stupid behavior. I have another thing I want to tweak. Let me what I can do.

I set the threshold for “updates” to three hours. This should at least let titles sink in for a bit before people get notified.

I also set an upper bound on e-mails per day to seven. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the number of e-mails sent and hopefully this improves the experience.

I personally liked getting all emails, and didn’t mind having threads get split up because I prefer to get them as soon as possible (or, say, within an hour). Is there any way users could go back to how it was before? I can’t seem to find those settings.

Email was how I kept track of which posts I’d read and all. It’s just way simpler than checking the website for new posts, which is what we’ll have to do now.


+1 on that.
I did not notice the split but you are still updated even while not actively visiting the website. If things are getting interesting you can always jump into the website…

Yeah, I wasn’t complaining about the number, more the ability to keep them organized.


Now I’m getting later emails in the chain and not the original posts. Not sure if anyone else is seeing that.

I didn’t really notice because it seems to be skipping some emails randomly :confused:

On this particular thread or others?

Both new threads/posts and replies in existing posts.

If I compare the list of emails I got today to the latest posts list, it seems to have skipped posts/threads right in the middle.

As an example, over in Making Pull Requests Evaluation A Good Experience the first email notification I got was for Alami saying “Good point”, and neither of the previous posts.

Bit of a “me too”, but email notification has not been working properly any more since a few days now.

Only very sporadically do I get notified about new posts.


Hrm. I did some changes and then reverted them. Perhaps I didn’t hit the confirm button or it didn’t register.

Looks like that was the case. I reset the value so if you want to get every e-mail that is what happens.