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List of ROS Developers for hiring

Hi all,

we have created at The Construct a page that lists ROS Developers for hiring containing their skills in the field.

The page can be used by ROS Developers to be hired, or by employers to hire a ROS Developer.

It doesn’t require the creation of any account in order to search and contact a ROS Developer. It is also free of charge for both developers and employers.

The page can be found here

If you want to be included in the page as a ROS developer for hiring, follow the instructions of this video.

I hope this helps!


This is great @ricardotellez , thanks for provide this service to the community! Any chance of adding a filter by timezone(-range)?

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Great initiative, but I think creating a Google sheet would’ve been better

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Good initiative @ricardotellez!

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Definitely yes. Adding that next week!