looking for FLIR point grey Blackfly (camera) package/driver

hey ho =),

while working on a research project, we are looking for a compatible ros package to run a Blackfly BFLY-PGE-31S4M camera (point grey research).

In a proprietary app “SpinView” we successfully could adjust IP address, so now we can view camera’s video in that app and can ping the camera.

Uploading: Screenshot from 2022-02-15 15-57-54.png…

But now in ros we cannot find any available driver, which is running on:

(our system)
Ubuntu 20.04 + ROS NOETIC

While trying belonging google hits and their drivers, we always get critically issues because of not available / installable dependencies or similar issues (understandably because of missing system/driver compatibility).

Does one of you “guys” know a way to get those cameras running. The manufacturer isn’t answering so far.

Hi @El_Mo,

since you are using a GigE camera, it might be worth looking into the camera_aravis package for ROS 1.
We are mostly using Basler GigE cameras with camera_aravis, but I remember some of our old Pointgrey cameras also being able to run using this package.

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