Looking for release team for ffmpeg image transport plugin

How do you go about finding a release team (and maybe even a release repository) for a new image transport plugin? I’d like to release a plugin that other people also seem interested in, but I have no other repos or release teams that would be a good fit. I have opened an issue against the ros-perception repo asking if they were interested in hosting it, but got no response. Any pointers are appreciated!

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And do you want to maintain the package yourself or are you also looking for (co)maintainers?

You can always release the package from your personal repo and move it to some more official repo later. Similar thing happened to point_cloud_transport recently.

I’d be maintaining the package myself, no hand holding needed for that.
Ideally there’d be some co-maintainers in case I get hit by a bus, but that’s not a top priority.
AFAIK a release team is a requirement for ROS2 packages. So I would have to create a release team with myself as the only member?

Ah, my bad, I was talking about the ROS 1 process. There was a related discussion recently: How can I request to be a member of ros-gbp?.

Yes, that’s correct. While it is not ideal, it is perfectly acceptable to do this.

Ok, thanks for clarifying, that’s what I’m doing then.

@Bernd_Pfrommer highlighting a prior hardware acceleration issue with image transport plugin.

Quick summary is that hardware acceleration performance will be limited by CPU memcpy as the image transport plugin does not support type adaptation.

If you are working on H.264 compression in addition to JPEG, its good to align on the data format, for consistency as we’ve had incompatibility with the format used in FogROS2 for it’s H.264 format relative to what we use in Isaac ROS Image Compression.