Looking for chances to work on ROS2 projects for free

Hi all,

I am passionate about robotics. I have many years of software development experience but beginning level for ROS. Most of my ROS experience is from online courses. You can take a look at my GitHub, CullenSUN (Cullen SUN) · GitHub.

I am so eager to learn, and would love to work on ROS2 projects for free after my 9-5 time, just to build up my experience in Robotics.
My timezone is +08:00, so better in apac for easy communication.

Please contact me if you have any opportunity. Thank you.


I have an immense TODO list that I will never be able to accomplish here: GitHub - facontidavide/Bonxai: Fast, hierarchical, sparse Voxel Grid

  • Octomap replacement
  • FCL based collision checking
  • RViz plugin

I have projects for u

Wow, you might get a lot of requests for help now!

We are trying to integrate a ROS2 fleet with an OPC-UA server to talk to other PLC devices in a warehouse. If that sounds interesting, please let us know

@facontidavide Still need help? I’d love to chat if so! I haven’t touched ROS since the Willow Garage days, using the PR2 platform as a basis for some brain-robot interfaces I built and published. Since then I’ve been working at Dell on totally different stuff - distributed filesystems written in C and Python. I also have a neural engineering paper in review that leveraged PyTorch and RNNs. I took a modern C++ course recently and would love to volunteer on something where I can get hands-on as a relative newbie, to better solidify what I’ve learned. Since I primarily built things as a consumer of ROS, I don’t really know its guts well yet. So: I’d be happy to help, if you don’t mind trading for a bit of mentorship! Same offer goes to the other two gentlemen here. I’m in the Thailand / Indochina time zone, but I can stay up late for a meeting if needed.

– Matthew

I am also very active in the evolution of BehaviorTree.CPP, if you want to help there!


A couple of things in Nav2 as well for those interested:


These are great options! Thanks to both of you for the details! I’m spending the day getting myself set up with ROS and reoriented with it, then I’ll dig into details. Hopefully this thread spawns some contributions from other newbies too :slight_smile: Thx @Cullen_Sun for posting it.

Control WG also needs helps and here are some projects we have still in pipeline (we weren’t accepted to GSoC unfortunatelly).


Thank you all so much for replying this thread. That’s so motivating as I can see that our ROS community is getting more and more people and projects.

I found an open source quadruped robot project a few months ago. I have been working on it for the ROS1 to ROS2 migration process. It’s a great project for me to learn about ROS2.

Please let me know if you are also interested.

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I am fresher, learning ros and very much interested in working with robotics projects to learn new things and gain some experience. I have documented my learning over here in my github repository and continuing to learn things. It would be nice if someone here could help, Thank you!