Looking for chances to work on ROS2 projects for free

Hi all,

I am passionate about robotics. I have many years of software development experience but beginning level for ROS. Most of my ROS experience is from online courses. You can take a look at my GitHub, CullenSUN (Cullen SUN) · GitHub.

I am so eager to learn, and would love to work on ROS2 projects for free after my 9-5 time, just to build up my experience in Robotics.
My timezone is +08:00, so better in apac for easy communication.

Please contact me if you have any opportunity. Thank you.

I have an immense TODO list that I will never be able to accomplish here: GitHub - facontidavide/Bonxai: Fast, hierarchical, sparse Voxel Grid

  • Octomap replacement
  • FCL based collision checking
  • RViz plugin