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micro-ROS supports RTEMS

RTEMS is a Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems extendly used in R&D space exploration projects. RTEMS is open-source and prequalified.

RTEMS supports 18 architectures, more than 200 boards and it is used in space by numerous spacecrafts such as:

  • NASA: MRO, TGO, Parker Solar Probe, Juno
  • ESA: BepiColombo, ExoMars
  • Galileo

The micro-ROS framework bridges the gap between resource-constrained microcontrollers and larger processors in robotic applications that are based on ROS 2. Thanks to this great contribution from @roncapat

  • The transports of Micro XRCE-DDS, the micro-ROS middleware implementation by eProsima, support now RTEMS TCP/UDP
  • The Micro XRCE-DDS Client (and subsequently micro-ROS) can build and run on RTEMS 5

The port to the middleware Micro XRCE-DDS is completed.
Instructions for building micro-ROS on top of RTEMS are about to come. Stay tuned!

Check @roncapat live presentation in the ROS 2 Embedded Working Group meeting (23rd Nov) here