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Migration of abb_driver to a separate repository


this post is to let you know that the abb_driver package, currently hosted in ros-industrial/abb is going to be extracted from that repository into a separate one.

Rationale for this can be found in ros-industrial/ros_industrial_issues#49.

The migration is planned to take place on 2020-04-18T22:00:00Z.

More details and ongoing discussion can be found in the following issue:

There are no functional changes (yet), and file provenance and commit history have been retained as much as possible.

Please comment on the issue in case you anticipate problems or have any other comments.

A bit later than planned, but abb_driver has been migrated to ros-industrial/abb_driver.

See ros-industrial/abb#179 for what still remains to be done.

Final update: abb_driver has been released into ROS Kinetic and Melodic with the merge of ros/rosdistro#25544 and ros/rosdistro#25545 respectively.

Version 1.4.0 of the package should be available for installation using apt after the next sync for these distributions.

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