Migration support for models with material scripts

Hi all, we have an update that will help with migrating from Gazebo Classic to the new Gazebo!

Since the new Gazebo can be used with multiple rendering engines, it does not support Ogre specific material files like Gazebo Classic does. That means arbitrary materials defined within a <script> tag aren’t supported.

To ease migration of model files, we have developed capabilities to automatically parse plain solid colors. If your model file has a <uri> file://media/materials/scripts/gazebo.material </uri> or <name> used without a <uri> we match it with pre-defined materials in a gazebo.material file that’s shipped with gz-sim.


  • Any other installation or modification of the gazebo.material file will not work.
  • This is currently available in Harmonic.

This feature is limited to plain solid colors, other colors and materials would be rendered with a default <material> value.

In the future, we might be able to support textures and reading custom .material scripts provided by users.

See usage details in the migration guide and implementation in gz-sim PR #2269.

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