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Mini Pupper - ROS, OpenCV, Open-source, Pi Robot Dog

ROS: Mini Pupper is based on ROS, now version is Melodic, updating to Noetic, will try ROS2 and swarm Mini Puppers after Oct. You can control it just like TurtleBot.
OpenCV: Support new OpenCV official 3D module, will release the demo after 15th Sep. (the OpenCV module is still under confidentiality until 15th Sep. )
Open-source: DIY and custom what you want, won a Hackaday Prize.
Pi: it’s super expandable.

ROS Navigation Demo


During the dog days of summer, you maybe see many demos from Boston Dynamics Spot Mini, and so on, many guys want to own their own robot dog to explore the functions, but the price is too high, and it is not easy for most people to explore the robot dog features.

TurtleBot is very convenient for wheeled robot study, but not legged robots. That means, there is no ROS, OpenCV, open-source robot dog platform to study at less than $1,000USD.

Beginning last year, we shipped many Stanford Pupper units worldwide. After such global success with Pupper, we took to heart all the feedback from this endeavor. What do our customers want in our products? What kind of products do they like? After more than 11 months pursuing these requests, we would like to show you what we came up with. Mini Pupper!

Solution and Product

Mini Pupper is the ROS, open-source robot dog platform that supports ROS SLAM, Navigation, and other OpenCV AI features with Lidar, camera, and other sensors. It’s really a Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog in the Palm and legged “TurtleBot” for study at less than $500USD.

ROS Object Tracking Demo

Mini Pupper will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts, and beyond.


How to Work Smarter

The main software improvement from Pupper is our FSN (Full Self-Navigation) system, based on ROS+OpenCV. We are moving forward to the FSN target step by step. The interface is also open, we absolutely welcome people to contribute to the project. If you want to join us and move together with us, please don’t hesitate to send us an email ( or join in our Facebook Groups

How to Build

To get started, check out the pages linked below on part sourcing and assembly.

How to Purchase

If you purchase the parts yourself one by one, it’ll run you about $800 and more time. However, you can purchase a kit to build the robot from our channel for cheaper and one-stop shopping. (Mini Pupper will go live on Kickstarter in September soon, will re-open the Amazon and Aliexpress channels after the campaign.)

Link to the project page:

Special thanks to Nathan Kau
Mini Pupper is supported by Nathan Kau from Stanford Student Robotics.

About MangDang Technology Co., Limited
We are a global team with members from many countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Europe, UK, China, and so on.
Very appreciated if you can give us any advice and support!


We plan to update Mini Pupper from ROS1 to ROS2.
Very appreciated if you can help us. :slight_smile:
I can ship the free Mini Pupper sample to you.
Please send me a mail ( ) if you have any advice, thanks!
Best Regards,

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This is the Mini Pupper ROS&OpenCV demo.

Mini Pupper already won the honor of “Project We Love” from Kickstarter before the campaign goes live at 9 AM(GMT-4) on 9/29!

ROS&OpenCV object tracking demo


The new ROS robot videos.

Mini Pupper is already a Kickstarter popular project now. Get your Mini Pupper on 1st day, you will get one more servo. Very much appreciated for your support!

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Does anybody like pee beer?

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Mini Pupper: Open-Source, ROS Robot Dog Kit.
There are only 3 hours left for Kickstarter. Don’t miss it.

Mini Pupper Pees Demo

Mini Pupper dreams to fly, can you help us?

Best Regards,
Mini Pupper Team