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MiniPupper - ROS, Open-source, Low-cost Robot Dog Education Kit

ROS Mini Pupper

Mini Pupper ROS Demo

ROS Mini Pupper Hello World

MiniPupper is a ROS, 12 DOF, open-source, less than $500 USD Robot Dog for education, you can learn ROS SLAM, Navigation, Object obstacle avoidance and tracking AI features, or what you want to do.
It will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, and enthusiasts.
Of course, you can DIY your own Mini Pupper, as it is an open-sourced project!

Our first step is to make a new “TurtleBot” with legs but not wheels.
Our next step is to make a home robot dog.

We will launch Mini Pupper on Kickstarter soon. You can get our latest status after sending a mail to
or join in our Facebook group
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For more information, please refer to our Github page,

We customized Champ project for Mini Pupper, thanks so much for Juan Miguel Jimeno’s support.


Hey guys,
If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to let us know, thanks!


How about this kind of face?


I am kinda curious, what does the expression ROS node look like? I’m really interested in how to easily build this kind of interactivity for introductory student lessons.

Sorry for feedback late.
We are preparing the documents, will release it soon. :grinning:

It is same with Turtlebot, users can control Mini Pupper just like Turtlebot.
We are trying OpenCV AI functions on Mini Pupper, plan to release a demo this weekend.
I have not found how to revise this post, if not, I will post a new one including much more detailed information.