Mini Pupper(mini legged robot) can run ROS2 Humble now

Hi guys,

We’re excited to let you know, SLAM, Nav. and OpenCV AI features can run on the Mini Pupper ROS2 Humble version, we’re preparing the guide and will release it to our GitHub repo next week, hope it’s a good Christmas gift.

Have a great Christmas!
Mini Pupper Team


Wow, this looks really great. Looking forward for the guide and other releases. Happy Christmas guys!

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Yes! Will be loading this up soon on my mini pupper!

Hello ROS,

I will develop a Robot-based ROS in the petroleum field, any suggestions or ideas to develop a project?

Thanks a lot.

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I guess it’s difficult for other guys to give you some advice without detailed use cases :slight_smile:

We’re preparing the PRs and guide, and hope to release it soon this month.
For detailed info, please refer to the below repo,

Welcome to our Discord channel :slight_smile:

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