MuJoCo in CoppeliaSim


I am happy to announce a new release of the ROS and ROS2 enabled robotics simulator CoppeliaSim.

Some of the new features are:

  • MuJoCo is now also supported, next to Bullet, ODE, Vortex and Newton (video)
  • python now also supported for embedded scripts and add-ons
  • Dynamic content can be modified on-the-fly, also with MuJoCo
  • Support for ROS2 Humble Hawksbill
  • Improved joint controllers
  • New models and scenes

For a full list of improvements and functionality, please visit



What’s the pricing for this sim? Website has no info, sales email is broken.

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Thanks Anton,
CoppeliaSim Edu has no limitation, and doesn’t require any registration or similar. It is free for all EDU entities (Students, schools, Universities, etc.). CoppeliaSim Pro is for non-EDU entities, and we have different pricing depending on currency, company size/status, etc.

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