CoppeliaSim V4.5 released: Jacobian callbacks, IK visual debugging, Aruco markers, better URDF support, etc.

I am happy to announce a new release of the ROS and ROS2 enabled robotics simulator CoppeliaSim (formerly known as V-REP). Some of the new features are:

  • IK: Jacobian callbacks, null-space projections, visual debugging
  • Better URDF support, convex hull, convex decomp., mesh decimation
  • New MuJoCo functions for composite support
  • Aruco markers, mesh surface and volume calculations via libigl
  • LDR/MPD importer, improved precision, etc.

Other features of CoppeliaSim include:

  • Physics engines: MuJoCo, Bullet, ODE, Vortex and Newton
  • Kinematics: IK & FK for any mechanism, branched, closed, etc.
  • Connectivity: ROS, ROS2, webSockets, ZeroMQ, ZeroMQ remote API
  • Path/motion planning via OMPL
  • Import/Export: URDF, SDF, XML, GLTF, LDR, STL, OBJ, collada, etc.
  • Collision detection, minimum distance calculation
  • Languages (within): C/C++, Python, Lua
  • Languages (client): C/C++, Python, Java, MATLAB, Octave

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