[Nav2] Jazzy Roadmap Announcement

Hi all,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Navigator here. I wanted to announce the release of our remainder of 2023 up to Jazzy roadmap development roadmap. While we will most certainly do more than what’s listed here, this is the minimum spanning set of things we’re committing to having done before Jazzy’s release in June 2024.

Due to some… unexpected changes in the project which led to the launch of Open Navigation LLC, we were not able to achieve all of the items from Iron’s roadmap. All will be pushed forward to Jazzy in addition to newly planned developments.

  • Add a Route Graph Planner for large-scale spaces or for outdoor navigation without environmental models
  • Get CI reliably green again with tests failing + flaky tests
  • Improve the Smac Planner with a known bug in the Hybrid-A* planner skipping bin quantizations and run-time performance for non-circular robot footprints
  • Improve the MPPI controller behavior for goal achievement and path tracking of feasible plans produced by the Smac Planner
  • ROS Time Respect Across Stack
  • Migrate from R_L in the community to Fuse and provide documentation to help migration for end-users
  • Migrate from Gazebo to Gazebo2 Called Gazebo2 in my book now because I can’t keep track of Gazebo, Gazebo, and Gazebo
  • Provide tutorials to address somewhat common problems with more exotic robot types via advanced capabilities

You can find our roadmap on navigation.ros.org:


If you’re interested in getting involved with Nav2 or have other items you’d be interested in contributing to, please comment below and lets chat!

Happy jazzing,