Nav2 Jazzy Release

Hidy ho, Your Friendly Neighborhood Navigator here to let you know that we’ve just released Nav2 for Jazzy!

Since Iron, we’ve made a TON of great progress:

  • New Autodocking server and integration (shown below)
  • Upgrade to BT.CPP v4 from v3
  • Upgrade to GZ Harmonic from Gazebo Classic
  • Added option for TwistStamped publication throughput the stack instead of Twist (to be made default in K-Turtle)
  • Velocity-scheduling collision monitor polygons for safety-lidar-like behavior
  • Option for soft-realtime control pipeline
  • Huge MPPI performance optimizations, 45%! And more critics! And acceleration constraints!
  • GPS Waypoint Following
  • Several new tutorials
  • And Much More!

You can see a full list of notable updates since Iron in Iron to Jazzy — Nav2 1.0.0 documentation

This is a big release and thank you to all of our now 260+ contributors to Nav2 to continuing to make this project a success! If you’re interested in getting involved, feel free to comment below, ping me on Discourse or Slack! If you’re a company using Nav2 in your product or service, consider reaching out at to sponsor the project!

Happy Navigating!