[Nav2 WG] Feb 1, 2024


  • Steve Macenski
  • David Lu!!
  • Fergs
  • Saurabh Borse
  • Rohan Walia
  • Alexey Merlyakov
  • Brian Robinson
  • Ryan Friedman

New additions of note:

  • TwistStamped migration complete! In Jazzy, will consider turning enable_twist_stamped to true to correspond with the change in ROS 2 control and Gazebo (Open Navigation, Ryan Friedman)
  • Minor fix to Smac Planner collision checker object for confined settings (Open Navigation)
  • Improvement in Smac Planner heuristic accuracy when using non-cicular footprints (Open Navigation, Dexory)
  • Navigate Through Poses with planner tolerance able to deviate when intermediary goals are not exact (Kiwibot, Locus Robotics)
  • Homologating getting of Inflation Layer parameters across Smac, MPPI, and Costmap2D (Open Navigation, @jncfa)
  • Iron / Humble Syncs on Jan 23 (Open Navigation)
  • Remapping behavior server cmd_vel to cmd_vel_nav to not go around velocity smoother and collision monitor pipeline (Open Navigation)


  • Davide working on BT.CPPv4 migration for Jazzy
  • Velocity scheduled polygons for collision monitor ← To be merged after second review
  • MPPI obstacle critic improvements and optimizations ← Complete, in testing with reviews
  • Graceful motion controller, Loopback simulator with incremental progress

Round Robbin (questions, comments, what youre working on, updates, etc)

  • Steve: Rad releases, working on various improvements for confined, non-circular navigation in the core algorithms, coordinating with folks on various pendingp projects
  • Alexey: Vector Object reviews
  • David: Just checking in, working on a testing platform. Cost grid refactor + Ryan conversation
  • Fergs: Graceful controller outer loop. Image pipeline / pointcloud transport
  • Rohan: First time joining. Working on #3991
  • Ryan: TwistStamped for Ardupilot, grid_maps
  • Saurabh: First time joining, industrial research on multiagent path finding

Want to join the working group? Add yourself to the calendar here: https://docs.ros.org/en/rolling/The-ROS2-Project/Governance.html#upcoming-ros-events

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