[Nav2] Required DCO Sign-off Starting Jan 1, 2024

Hi, Your Friendly Neighborhood Navigator here!

Starting in 2024, we are now requiring DCO sign-offs on all commits to Nav2.

What does that mean to you, as a well intentioned contributor? Easy! You just need to add to your commits -s to indicate that you’ve signed off on the commit that you’re allowed to contribute this work to the project under the project’s license (Apache 2.0, mostly). Rclcpp and other projects in the ROS ecosystem have long enforced this and we’re just now catching up to best practices. If you forget, no worries, a helpful bot will mention the issue in your PR’s CI jobs section.

Nothing changes in terms of licensing, copyright ownership, etc. All this is doing is adding a step to make sure that you’re thinking quickly that you’re allowed to do what you were already doing: its your code or code you’re allowed to use and you’re allowed to contribute it under a standard open-source license.

You can read more about it here: A Complete Guide to DCO for Open Source Developers & in Nav2’s contributing.md navigation2/CONTRIBUTING.md at main · ros-planning/navigation2 · GitHub

Have concerns? Let me know in the comments below :slight_smile: I expect this to be pretty routine.

Steve Macenski