[San Francisco] Winter/Spring Jr Engineer or Intern - Open Navigation LLC

Howdy yal, your friendly neighborhood navigator here.

I’m looking for a Junior Engineer Contractor (new graduate or < 2 years of experience) or graduate student intern to work with me in the Winter / Spring 2024 on some ROS 2, Nav2, & adjacent projects. You are required to be local in the SF Bay Area and preference given to local candidates or those with Nav2 contribution histories.

The timing is flexible depending on your constraints and schedule, but plan on approximately 10-15 weeks, to be discussed. You’ll have the opportunity to both contribute to Nav2’s codebase as well as setup and tune a robotics system from scratch under expert supervision.


  • Functional knowledge of ROS 2, Launch, Rviz, Gazebo, Pluginlib, Linux
  • A previous professional or eq. experience in C++, rudimentary Python3
  • High-level cursory knowledge in the fundamentals of mobile robotics technology
  • A desire to learn about Nav2 to apply in a future career path and/or research

If you’re interested and available, please email info@opennav.org with your resume and a brief description of your interests & any additional relevant information.



We are no longer taking applications. Thanks for everyone who applied!

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