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New Navigation Slack

Hi all,

We’ve had a recent surge of over 50 new developers wanting to get involved with Navigation2 from the COVID-19 crisis (interns without internships looking for projects, folks looking to learn new skills, general just interest). To help deal with that influx and having a good way to communicate, I have created a new Navigation2 slack channel that you can add yourself to with the link below.

Please join the slack and introduce yourself, what you’re interested in, and what kind of things you’re looking to do / accomplish. Navigation2 users as well as developers are welcome to join and participate. This is all relatively ad-hoc, so if you have any suggestions please do let us know!

Reference to original call:

Happy navigating,



Hi steve.

Is there a slack workplace for the original navigation stack? I am not at ROS2 level yet, and would like to shore up some original stack before i start navigation 2.

Thank you.

There is not. There’s not a great deal of traffic in ROS1 navigation stack anymore.

Edit: for some conversation though, I’m sure folks would be willing to help on the slack / ROS answers. It just isn’t the main focus of the slack.

Thank you for this awesome place, looking forward to working with folks interested in Nav2

Just joined :grinning:

Hello, this Slack invite link no longer seems to be working. Can someone please repost a valid invite link?

The slack is Most people are able to join from that link, if you are unable, PM your email and I’ll add you manually.