[Nav2 WG Notes] May 25, 2023

Starting from this meeting, will post my meeting notes after user request!


  • Aashish Vatsyayan
  • Addisu Taddese
  • Alan Xue
  • Alexey Merzlyakov
  • Alio Safar
  • Bart Van der Haagen
  • Ben Perseghetti
  • Bilal Gill
  • Carlos Alvarez
  • Christian Fritz
  • Cristian Yesid Chitiva Vela
  • Davies Iyanuoluwa Ogunsina
  • Eugenio Bernardi
  • Gris Brooks
  • Isaac Saito
  • J L
  • Josh Newans
  • Josh Wallace
  • Juan Sebastian Duenas …
  • Marq Rasmussen
  • Mike Chung
  • Mohammad Reza Rahmani
  • Nigel Dias
  • Pedro Gonzalez
  • Prateek Nagras
  • Ruffin White
  • Stevedan Soswizzywix
  • Tyler Weaver
  • Yousof Ebneddin
  • Steve Macenski


  • Iron released! Some nav2 packages to come out in the initial release but others will come out in the 1st sync in a couple of weeks.

    • GitHub API had some failures pushing the quadrillian branches to remote so many of the packages didn’t have their release zips available for building

    • Fixed now, but you might see nav2_msgs or some really low-level stuff released on the first day, but the rest is pending a sync

    • Try it out!! Glad we did testing during the event, found and fixed a really nasty bug in TF2

    • Checkout the migration guide: Humble to Iron — Navigation 2 1.0.0 documentation for a full list!

      • Collision Monitor
      • New BT nodes, tons
      • Navigator pluginized for custom actions
      • Smac Planner is faster and better than before
      • Occupancy grid handling in the Python3 API
      • Adding benchmarks
      • Feedback on errors in all actions that can be ingested and used in the BT Navigator
      • Binary costmap filter
      • SG smoother
      • MPPI controller
      • Rviz panel massive upgrade
      • Denoise costmap layer
      • … list goes on
  • Foxy is now officially EOL and will receive no further updates or support – though to be honest its so out of date that it hasn’t been updated in a hot minute anyway

    • Moving forward, we should be far more API stable as the framework is solid and new systems are largely “in addition to” rather than “a replacement of”

New additions of note:

  • BT Navigator Lifecycle state management & costmap thread fixed for multiple bringup’s and shutdown’s (Brice Renaudeau)
  • Added isBatteryCharging BT node to know if your robot is docked and/or charging in the BT for behavior related to charging (Alberto Tudela)
  • Temporarily building on a bleeding-edge version of TF2 due to regression identied during Iron Testing to make CI green and recommend using if you’re on Iron or Rolling as its a pretty fundamental problem (Ruffin White)
  • Completed Error Codes in all of the Nav2 Task Servers with the behavior server’s individual actions (Josh Wallace)
  • Merged in new Noise Filtering costmap layer to remove orphaned readings or clusters of disconnected points for last-ditch attempts to remove noise (recommend still filter inputs!) (Alexey Merzlyakov)
  • Added support for multiple progress checkers like we have for goal checkers and controllers in the controller task server (Guillaume Doisy)
  • Added a new polygon type to the collision monitor to slow the robot to exact speed constraints when its polygon is violated (Brice Renaudeau)
  • Fixing broken links for documentation in readme (Hyung-Taik Choi)
  • Fixes to TF2 tree explosion issues in TF2 in Rolling and Iron (Steve Macenski)
  • Releases for Humble, Iron, Rolling (Steve Macenski)

New bugs of note

  • TF2 tree explosion – Rolling, Iron fix made it into initial release

Main topic

  • Ruffin White showing demos of Dev Containers on vscode & GitHub Codespaces using a PWA to show Gazebo and Foxglove
  • Video to be published later