[Nav2 WG Notes] August 3 2023

Navigation Working Group Meeting Minutes - August 3


  • Steve Macenski
  • David Lu
  • Stephen Adhisaputra
  • Josh Wallace
  • Pradheep Krishna



New additions of note:

  • Added visualizations to Hybrid-A* to show case footprints of the planned path overlayed on the map for debugging and analysis (S. Macenski)

  • Added tolerance to Hybrid-A* and State Lattice planners (S. Macenski)

  • Added safety checks on dynamic parameters in the velocity smoother to ensure velocities and acceleration profiles are possible (S. Macenski, reported by Adam Aposhian)

  • Allowing launch files to remap root parameter keys (S. Macenski, reported by Erik Örjehag)

  • New warnings in Smac Planner and MPPI when the inflation layer is misconfigured to enabling optimized non-circular robot collision detection. Will warn to enable – but possible without it, just computationally expensive and will add latency (S. Macenski, reported by xianglunkai)

  • Added behavior plugins ability to populate the result message (Josh Wallace)

  • Reject updates containing NaNs in the collision monitor and velocity smoother (S. Macenski, reported by Guillaume Doisy)

  • Allow configuration files to use substitutions like $(find-pkg-shared my_package) within Nav2 launch files (ymd-stella)

  • Move contextual error code enums from the request to the response field (Josh Wallace)

  • Changing max_points to min_points in collision monitor for semantic meaning (Alexey Merzlyakov)

  • Fixing deadband regression in velocity smoother (Brice Renaudeau)

  • Ongoing: Adding multirobot support to Simple Commander, Ignition-Gazebo migration, and new multi-robot launch file to share a common params file

New bugs of note

  • N/A

Anything else?

Round Robbin (questions, comments, what youre working on, updates, etc)

  • Steve: ROSCon-FR in July and meeting in France, this week squashed a number of medium sized tickets that needed maintainer attention, working now on removing the zig-zags from Hybrid-A* that appears in certain situations with reduced quantization bin exploration
  • david: working on metrics for navigation scripts
  • Josh: Working on route server + Nav2 support work for Locus
  • Pradheep: N/A
  • Stephen: MPPI on transformers in python, potential release
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