[Nav2 WG] December 7, 2023

Navigation Working Group Meeting Minutes - Dec 7


  • Steve Macenski
  • Ruffin White
  • Alexey Merzlyakov
  • Josh Wallace
  • Magda Skoczen
  • Shobin Vinod

New people introduce themselves

  • Shobin Vinod



  • N/A

New additions of note:

  • MPPI obstacle critic to recalculate footprint potentially inflated cost each iteration for dynamically changing footprints (Peanut)
  • Adding sanity checks of out of bounds checks of RPP controller collision checking (Neobotix)
  • Adding rotate-in-place support for RPP from State Lattice planner (Open Navigation)
  • Better support goals coming in non-standard map frames in BT and navigators (Intermodalics)
  • Adding configurable wait times for action and service servers to initialize (BMW)
  • Adding Soft-realtime prioritization to controller server, collision monitor, and velocity smoother (Open Navigation)
  • Log if BT rate is exceeded for debugging (Open Navigation)
  • Update costmap publication and subscription to include updates message like occupancy grids reducing network traffic (Magda Skoczen)
  • Adding collision monitor’s approach model by default in bringup configurations (Open Navigation)
  • Clearing footprint’s cell on planning start to overcome new annoying error introduced with contextual error codes (Locus Robotics)


  • Loopback simulator
  • Velocity scheduled polygons for collision monitor
  • IsPathValid consider robot footprint, not just point costs
  • Vector object server
  • TwistStamped Conversion
  • MPPI obstacle critic improvements and optimizations

New bugs of note:

  • But plenty of new small and small-medium tickets filed recently that would be great places to jump in and get involved!

Anything else?

  • N/A

Round Robbin (questions, comments, what youre working on, updates, etc)

  • Steve: MPPI obstacle critic improvements and optimizations, adding soft realtime prioritization, simulation ROS clock timing, adding collision monitor to defaults and testing, REP 2003 / Generative AI policies
  • Alexey: binary filters review & vector object server. What’s going on with dynamic polygons PR?
  • Josh: PR to clear robot start
  • Magda: AI layer project with kiwibot – openCL tutorials, SYCL
  • Ruffin: GPU and stuff setup to play with
  • Shobin: How to get involved