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Navigation2 WG changes and HELP WANTED

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It’s sad to hear that Intel’s nav2 team is going away. You’ve all done a huge amount of work over the last 18 months to bring navigation to ROS 2.

Is Intel cutting back its ROS 2 contributions in general or is this just a refocusing?


It’s part of an overall restructuring and re-organization that is happening. I can’t answer with more than that right now.

I was looking for the sad button on Discourse to react on this post,
although I have to say, you did a great job until now, and passing the leadership to Steve is the best for that project to keep going on


@gbiggs you forget what gifs are for:

I definitely appreciate any help I can get. Both from junior software developers wanting to get into ROS to experts in algorithms to help modernize our technologies and anywhere in between. Matt and his team has been crucial to getting the stack to where it is today and the skeleton crew of every waking hour of Steve's life isn’t enough waking hours to do navigation and my other research oriented goals.

If any company wants to donate a robot to me to develop on and have first class support in ROS2 Navigation, let me know :wink:


We’ll miss you and your great open source leadership Matt!


Thanks for all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve given us @mkhansen. It won’t be forgotten.


Just a random user(developer?) passing by. This is my first thought.

Still, thanks for your awesome contribution to ROS2 and Nav2.


Thanks for the contributions @mkhansen and everyone else in your team!

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This is indeed sad news @mkhansen, but like @kyrofa @Airu and others said, many thanks for the awesome contributions that you have made up to this point! :turtle: :robot: :+1:

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Thank you, @mkhansen and team for your work. Was a real pleasure to talk with you at the ROS-I conference. I wish we can still see you around.


in case you missed it… here’s the video of Matt giving a ROS2 Robot Dev Kit feat. Navigation2 Overview at #RICEU2019… more videos to be released soon…


Sorry yo hear that :cry:. Thanks @mkhansen for your work

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

I want to make sure that everyone in the team is acknowledged:

Thanks to all of them for the hard work they’ve done to this point and hopefully to more opportunities in ROS2 in the future!


Yeah, big thanks to you and all of the nav2 team. I didn’t have the opportunity to work with you all often, but I really appreciate the value you guys helped bring to the community.


Thanks to the entire Nav2 team at Intel for their contributions, and for spearheading much of the ros2 migration process. The navigation2 project wouldn’t be anywhere as far along as it is today without the time and effort they’ve put in. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you all, and I hope to see you continually around the community.


I wanted to acknowledge all the efforts put down by you guys. And a great thank you for building such a good piece of software.

Feeling sad that our team is getting disbanded :slightly_frowning_face:

We were just getting started! With plenty of ideas on the pipeline.

Anyhow, thanks @mkhansen, for your great leadership. @smac and Intel-team, it’s been a pleasure working with all of you.


Its been a pleasure working with you too!

I’m sure we’ll cross paths again. It’s a small community.

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Thanks Matt and the team’s excellent work on leading Navigation2 WG and its development. It is also my pleasure and honor to work with you as part of Intel’s contribution to ROS2 community.

I wish you all the best in the future and keep touch.

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That’s sad news indeed. Many thanks for your hard work and I hope you will find your way back into the project!