Nemesis - ROS UVG w/ T265&D435i + Rtabmap (showcase)

Hello folks,

Nemesis is a UVG project I worked on to explore the challenges associated with integrating an existing ground vehicle with the ROS ecosystem.

My main focus was the hardware interface implementation (adapted from the Husky Clearpath stack) and the perception stack I added later, not the robot build as much.




Hello Neuromorphic i’m working on a big UGV which will be used in both indoor mapping and outdoor mapping and also will perform localization and path planning (ROS) can you be of gaidiance from you . I hope you dont mind guiding me out

Hi Daviesss,

Sure, I can try to point you in the right direction. Drop me an email describing the specifics of your project and I’ll see if I can help out:

Thanks for your response Neuromorphic. I sent in an email describing how and what the project I’m working on is about.

I made a quite similar setup with RPi4 , d435 and t265
I will need comeback to it for some rework .

RIP t265

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RIP indeed, such a shame. Why did they have to kill it.

Nice setup, btw. Do you have encoders on your wheels?

No, 360 2d lidar (ICP) and t254 is enough good, but I didn’t test extensively, it is 2 years old now, I didn’t have time to come back to it.
Well , technically t265 is a failed product, as d455 is. But people needed buy it and use it.No many alternatives, and that didn’t change.
I want to remove VIO and depth cameras of my life, at least as main component, just thinking in lidar , event cameras and whatever the AI can help.
At the moment I got a 3d lidar.

T265 is not reliable enough, but is ok for many cases and it was well priced.

Just a hobbyist personal opinion, and to be honest ,if you cannot get a lidar or event camera, I wouldn’t look to any other stereocamera of the market, the best alternative to t265, is buy the t261 module and the USB interface (difficult that)
I would not look other recent stereo cameras, but again just personal opinion from a hobbyist.

Enjoy your cool project

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Thanks for your informative reply, buddy.

I wish I could get my hands on an event camera sensor.

It seems key to really agile/fast navigation that I am very interested in, due to the low microsecond latency, ideal for control. Are they not ridiculously expensive at the moment? I haven’t looked.

Something you might be interested in if you plan to do your own custom SLAM setup, that I plan to use my self, is symforce from the Skydio (Frank Dellawert author of GTSAM) drone team. It allows one to express a custom sensor configuration in python as a factor graph and generates optimised C++ code.