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AGV building project

I am building an automated guided vehicle(AGV) and was hoping to use to ROS with it.I am using two HUB motors that are loacted on either side of the circular body and 2 support wheels on the front and back for the body.
i am new to ROS so would apprciatiate some help and direction so i can move ahead with this project.
i am using the intel realsense D435 and T256 for the 3d mapping and tracking.
Please help me start with this…

hey all,
i am on a deadline so it would of great help to get the resources quicker…

Hi, that sounds like a very interesting project! How far have you come, and at which point do you feel stuck with using ROS? I think with some more background on your project, you have better chances to get the community engaged.

Ivan, if you haven’t already seen it Mateusz Sadowski
wrote a nice blog post about getting started with your combination of sensors here. Let me tell you though that what you are setting out to do is far from being the beaten path, so do expect obstacles.

It’s not clear from your question how much you already know about SLAM and navigation, so if you could add some specific questions that would help. Also, I would actually suggest moving your question to ROS Answers, because it definitely fits better there than here.

Thanks for linking to my blog! These days I’m discouraging anyone looking into building stable platforms from using T265. There are too many issues with it.

im using these cameras for testing only ,i dont need to have a very high accuracy.
but im am unable to find a way to start.

ahhh Thank u for ur response. Im just starting out so i dont have much knowledge in SLAM and navigation.So i was hoping to get hepl from the community!