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New Packages for Kinetic 2018-04-04



We’re happy to announce 51 new packages 118 updated packages, and 1 removed package.

Thank you to all the maintainers who help keep making these packages available. Full details are below.

Package Updates for kinetic

Added Packages [51]:

Updated Packages [118]:

Removed Packages [1]:

Thanks to all ROS maintainers who make packages available to the ROS community. The above list of packages was made possible by the work of the following maintainers:

  • Adolfo Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian
  • Alexander Tiderko
  • Atsushi Watanabe
  • Chris Lalancette
  • David V. Lu!!
  • Davide Faconti
  • Dirk Thomas
  • Franka Emika GmbH
  • Gayane Kazhoyan
  • Jeremie Deray
  • Jorge Santos
  • Kelsey Hawkins
  • Kevin Hallenbeck
  • Michael X. Grey
  • Mikael Arguedas
  • Pyo
  • ROS Orphaned Package Maintainers
  • Robert Haschke
  • Sammy Pfeiffer
  • Sebastian Pütz
  • Thomas Le Mézo
  • Tim Liu
  • Toni Oliver
  • Vincent Rabaud

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