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New Planner Tutorial and Reviewer!


Friendly neighborhood ROS (developer? advocate? TSC rep?) here! Man, I need to figure out my intro at some point.

I wanted to introduce our new Global Planner plugin tutorial to complement our recent Costmap2D tutorial. In this tutorial and example plugin, you’ll learn how to create a planner interface for your awesome-new-algorithm with a toy example of generating straight line paths between your current position and the goal. I’m sure the planner itself has some limited usefulness.

With that, I wanted to also announce that @shivaang12 who authored this tutorial has been promoted to a Navigation reviewer! Welcome him to the team and we hope to continue to count on his awesome support. We could not have such an active ROS2 Navigation ecosystem without folks like him and many others. It really takes a village.

We welcome all new (and senior) engineers / developers to join in and help make it awesome! You can find our working group meeting schedule here and join in, file or submit patches / feature on our repo, or generally make things that use our stuff! Our goal is to continue on the legacy of ROS navigation but plow forward and make sweeping improvements and support for new use-cases of mobile robots. We’re focused on software quality and reliability for production uses. I can say that if I were starting a company right now, I’d just ROS2 Navigation as my framework of choice without a doubt.



The link to the Global Planner plugin tutorial does not work anymore. Is it the Writing a New Planner Plugin tutorial?

Yes, we have migrated the site.