New ROS driver for OptiTrack motion capture system

Dear Community,

I am glad to announce new driver for the OptiTrack motion capture system based on NatNet. With easy configurable launch file and several new functionalities. Such as, Tracking of single marker position, Control over the the published ros messages. Currently the package is released for ros1. Soon we will have the ros2 package as well with some additional features like publishing the skeleton data and other devices such as force plates, creation of body with similar marker configuration.

Our goal is to fully integrate the OptiTrack motion capture system to the ros and increase the user-friendliness.

More details are available on the readme file of the repo (GitHub - L2S-lab/natnet_ros_cpp: ROS driver for the NatNet 4.0 protocol used for the OptiTrack motion capture system and Motive application)

Please try it out and report the issue, if you find any.

You can also open new discussion on the repo if you get stuck somewhere or have any suggestions.

Best regards,


Hi @aarsh_t

For ROS2, take a look to MOCAP4ROS2, in particular its Optitrack Driver. Maybe we can join effort :wink:

MOCAP4ROS2: Motion Capture Systems in ROS2

Great work!!

Hello @fmrico

I had look over the package. looks great! I was planning to upgrade my package for ros2 from next month. I am also planning to add more functionalities other than just rigid bodies.

It would be my pleasure to collaborate. May be we can have a quick call for planning in near future? :smile: