New Vulcanexus Humble Sync

Hi all!

The new Vulcanexus Humble Sync is out.

This new version of Vulcanexus, the All-in-One ROS 2 tool set for the easy and personalized development of robotic applications, includes Webots for robot simulation and the latest Fast DDS 2.6.1 version.

Webots is now included: Webots is a multi-platform desktop application for robot simulation by Cyberbotics. Vulcanexus includes this open source development environment to design, test and simulate complete robots easily.


Vulcanexus always comes with the latest Fast DDS version, so this new version includes Fast DDS 2.6.1. This new Fast DDS version brings the following improvements:

  • New functionality to support writer side content filtering
  • New functions of DDS api added
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes

Find all the info at: New Vulcanexus Humble Synch - Vulcanexus


Hi all!!

Good news for the weekend! Vulcanexus has updated all its components.

Vulcanexus, the ROS 2 based robotics development stack, continuously updates its components to the latest versions, this ensures the stability and performance.

Check out the main improvements that comes with this update:

  • Fast DDS 2.7.0: this version is 100% deadlock free and brings new DDS api functions
  • Fast DDS Router 0.4.0: includes ThreadPool and FastPayLoadPool functions; Yaml validator to verify Fast DDS Router configuration is correct
  • Fast DDS Monitor 1.2.0: now with Windows installation guide and support to the new GText version
  • Inluding latest versions of: ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill and Micro-ROS 2.2.0

Find all the info at: Vulcanexus full components update - Vulcanexus

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Hi everybody!

We are pleased to announce Vulcanexus’ new Galactic and Humble release. All the components are continuously updated so you can always take advantage of the latest features and enhancements.

Discover the latest versions:

Fast DDS 2.8.0 is here! This new release comes with new features, many improvements and bug fixes.

  • External locators.
  • SNI support.
  • DPv6 for Discovery Server tools.
  • And more!

DDS Router in its first stable version. Check all the new features of the tool that connects distributed DDS networks:

  • Transparency module: it replicates the QoS service.
  • RPC support is now included.
  • New Repeater behavior.

Find all the info at: Vulcanexus Humble and Galactic update - October - Vulcanexus

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