New Vulcanexus Iron Release

Hi folks!

The new Vulcanexus Iron is out!

This new version supports ROS 2 Iron and brings many new features and tools such as the DDS Record and Replay and the DDS Spy. This new version includes:


Fast DDS 2.11.1:

  • Ignore every local endpoint within the DomainParticipant preventing local matching.
  • TypeLookup Service Configuration: this version introduces additional XML members to the WireProtocolConfigQos
  • CI improvement: Support for running tests in parallel.
  • New “Discovery Server” and “Admit XML configuration files” examples


ROS 2 Router 2.0.0:

  • Support for DDS Security
  • DDS configuration via XML profile


DDS Record & Replay:

Vulcanexus users can now access this end-user software application that allows saving and replaying DDS data in an efficient manner. Find the complete release notes of DDS Record & Replay 0.2.0 here.

DDS Spy:

Command Line Interface (CLI) interactive tool enables users to get real-time information on their DDS network in a human-readable format. Find the complete release notes of DDS Spy 0.2.0 here.

And many more updated components.

You can find all the information on the Vulcanexus Iron release here

Stay always up to date with Vulcanexus!
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