NVIDIA Open Sources PhysX 5 for 3D Simulation


On Nov 8, 2022, NVIDIA released its PhysX 5 physics engine in open source. High-fidelity robotics simulation starts with a powerful physics engine. In fact, this is the same physics engine that is used in NVIDIA’s robotics simulator, Isaac Sim.

“Having a powerful, open-source tool for physics like NVIDIA’s new PhysX 5 library is a critical part of the realism delivered by the Open 3D Engine,” said Royal O’Brien, Executive Director at the Open 3D Foundation and General Manager of Digital Media and Games at the Linux Foundation.

“As PhysX use cases spread to other important 3D domains like simulation and digital twins, we are excited to see NVIDIA working with open source, allowing everyone to harness the innovation and collaboration that these communities can bring,” O’Brien said.

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Does PhysX require nvidia GPU to run?

From the PhysX 5 documentation

It is important to note that PhysX does not run any code on GPUs by default. However PhysX can be configured to take advantage of CUDA capable GPUs, which provides a performance benefit proportional to the arithmetic complexity of a scene. GPU acceleration extensions are provided as an optional binary DLL.


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Good to know, thanks! Is a Gazebo plugin on its way ? :slight_smile:


Haha I was about to ask the same question

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