Latest Isaac Sim release now available, Forklift support added as well as many new robots

The 2022.1.1 release of NVIDIA Isaac Sim is now available for download. This release has improved synthetic data generation (Replicator), improved reinforcement learning support (Gym), new tutorials, and many new built-in robots.

New Forklift Rigging [Tutorial]

            Figure 1. Forklift Rigging in Isaac Sim

New Advanced [Tutorial ] on Adding and Tuning a New Manipulator


         Figure 2. Denso Cobatta Pro 900 Robot Performing Pick and Place Task

Newly Added Robots:

  • O3dyn
  • Balance Bot
  • Crazyflie CX2
  • Denso Cobotta Pro 900
  • Denso Cobotta Pro 1300
  • Ingenuity
  • Quadcopter

           Figure 3: Fraunhofer’s O3Dyn Indoor/Outdoor Robot

Get Started:

Download Isaac Sim Today.

Read the documentation here.

Watch the webinar on using Isaac Sim with Gazebo

And stay tuned, we are already working on our next release 2022.2 which will add more cool functionality and robots.


Where can I read and look at the balance bot?

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