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Open Source Simulator for Autoware from

AutoCore Simulator provides easy way to develop Autoware, which licensed by apache 2.0.
Welcome your issues and pull requests.

This simulator help Autoware (both AI and Auto) developers test their logic easily. It cuts from an automatic test system which runs multiple test instance in one pc. Currently it provides lidar and camera topics and integrated with Autoware map file, which is light and easy to connect Autoware.
Supports for ubuntu and ROS2 (Autoware.Auto) are on the way, more tools for Autoware such as map tools and sensor types will embedded.

Hi, this looks great! Can you edit your post to add some more context, like some of the features this has, how its unique from other simulators, comparing against LG’s AV simulator (I’m seeing an Apache 2.0 license, already liking where that’s going). More context will generally help give folks a reason to use it and engage!

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Look great!
I see the current release is only for Windows. Is there any plan to release a Linux (Ubuntu) version?

Yes, ubuntu version on the way, thank you.

about how to use this simulator with
please ref this doc

and Linux version simulator will be avaiable this month.

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